FASTPCB Capabilities

FASTPCB has prototype PCB,PCB Production fabrication and pcb assembly capabilities.

Learn more about FASTPCB Prototype and Production flexible PCB fabrication services. Get low-to-high volume flex PCB quantities manufactured with industry-leading quick turnaround times for high-density interconnects (HDI) PCBs. We pride ourselves on on-time delivery. Let us know how we can help with your next mission-critical flex circuit.

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Check FASTPCB flexible PCB manufacturing capabilities in the following table:

Feature Capability
Number of Layers 1-8 layer
Build Time 3-5days
Polyimide base material Polyimide Flex
FPC Thickness 0.08-0.4mm
Min Track/Spacing >=0.06mm
Min Hole Size(diameter) >=0.35mm
Coverlay(Flex Part) Yellow Coverlay,White Coverlay,Black Coverlay
Silkscreen Color White,Black
Surface Finish Immersion gold,OSP,Immersion silver,Immersioni Tin
Finished Copper 0.5-2oz