FASTPCB Capabilities

FASTPCB has prototype PCB,PCB Production fabrication and pcb assembly capabilities.

STH PCB / SCO PCB Capacity

Maximum rated current 500 mA/hole
Insulation resistance ≥1x1010Ω
Via hole resistance /hole <60 mΩ/hole
Silver jumper per square resistance <40 mΩ
Operating voltage <DC 50V
Power surge current Min: 1A/Hole(5sec.)

Aluminium Base PCBB Capacity

Board thickness (0.8-3.0)mm
Copper thickness 18μm-140μm[(0.5-4)OZ]
Conductor width and conductor space ≥0.15mm
Theraml shock resistance 288℃ ≥60s
Volume insulation resistance >1x1012Ω
Surface insulation resistance >1x1011Ω
Breakdown voltage ≥1.2kv
Thermal resistance ≤2.0℃/w
Warpage and torsion resistance ≤2.0%
Peelable >1.2N/mm