Why We Make PCB Reverse Engineering?

24 Jun 2024 16:56:32 GMT 0

Why we make PCB Reverse Engineering? 1,Maintenance and debugging 2,Product improvement and design 3,Learning and research 4,Technical confidentiality

The China PCB Development History

13 Jun 2024 10:15:03 GMT 0

The PCB industry is widely distributed around the world, with developed countries in the United States, Europe, and Japan starting early. By researching and fully utilizing advanced technological equipment, the PCB industry has made significant progress.

What is Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Assembly?

11 Jun 2024 20:57:21 GMT 0

What is Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Assembly? Printed Circuit Board Assembly mainly refers to the process of installing electronic components, connectors, and other components on a printed circuit board (PCB) through different assembly methods. The foll

How to Reverse a PCB

29 May 2024 11:34:04 GMT 0

How to reverse engineer a PCB. PCB reverse engineering is a PCB copy or PCB clone engineering technique which aim at replicating existing electronic products and circuit boards. The following are the five steps for PCB reverse engineering:1、 Record compon

PCB Clone, You Need to Know

30 Nov 2023 15:20:42 GMT 0

PCB clone,also called pcb copy,pcb duplication or pcb reverse engineering. From PCB to layout and schematic. It is an aspect of reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is a part of hardware engineering.

Inner Layer---Multi-layer PCB Manufacturing Process

22 Nov 2023 10:43:48 GMT 0

For multi-layer printed circuit boards, the working layer of the inner layer is sandwiched in the middle of the entire board, so the multi-layer circuit board should first be processed on the inner layer.

Why Does PCB Need Impedance?

22 Nov 2023 09:46:50 GMT 0

Impedance control is very important when designing PCB. If not designed properly, the impedance will change and cause problems, such as signal distortion or electromagnetic interference, affecting the performance of the entire PCB.

Ceramic PCB, High Frequency PCB and Ordinary PCB

22 Nov 2023 09:29:15 GMT 0

According to different substrate materials, circuit boards can be divided into Ordinary PCB, Ceramic PCB and High Frequency PCB.