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30 Nov 2023 15:20:42 GMTFASTPCB

PCB Clone, You Need to Know.

Usually,we already have the design files and gerber of PCB  before PCB production. PCB clone, is the opposite of this process.  We have the circuit board in our hands without any files of PCB. Through this circuit board,  find a professional company and we can get its schematic diagram and design files. So PCB clone, also called pcb copy, pcb duplication or pcb reverse engineering. From PCB to layout and schematic. It  is an aspect of reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is a part of hardware engineering.  PCB clone is not a difficult work, but it's a precise work  especially as electronic device development is getting more and more multi-functional.

PCB clone services includes IC Unlock (Decryption), PCB Reverse Engineering, Prototype PCB Fabrication, and PCB Functional Testing. At first, extract the program from original circuit board. It is the first and necessary step. After program in original circuit board is locked, clone service offically begins. Most of pcb reverse failed, because circuit involves intelligence controllers. PCB Reverse Engineering, you can get production file, bill of material (BOM) and the schematics. Prototype PCB Fabrication, pcb clone enters prototype production stage. You can get some pcb sample. PCB Functional Testing, inspect the performance of the new board, troubleshoot issues, and fix incompatibilities before the mass production.

PCB reverse engineering saves a lot of expenses and time, compared with start to re-design. The electronic devices need to be updated and old circuit boards cannot meet the update requirements, and some of components are too old to get them. It is the most economical and efficient method.

However, PCB clone is still a controversial topic at present. If the original design file is protected by copyright,  it is an infringement. In particular, some people use pcb copy technology and produce similar electrical devices to deceive consumers. They maybe breaking the law. 
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