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Aluminum PCB Circuit Board 2835 LED SMD

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Aluminum PCBs are printed Circuit Boards that contain a thin layer of conductive dielectric material. They are also known as Aluminum Clad, Aluminum base, MCPCB (Metal Clad Printed Circuit Board), IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate), Thermally Conductive PCBs, etc. Aluminum PCBs were developed in the 1970s, soon after which they’re applications increased dramatically. The first application was their use in Amplification Hybrid Integrated Circuits.

The basic structure of Aluminum PCBs is four layered. It consists of a layer of copper foil, a dielectric layer, an aluminum base layer, and an aluminum base membrane.


Layers 1-2 layers
Material Aluminum, Copper
Production Capacity 7000㎡/months
Board shape Rectangular, Round, Slots, Cutouts, Complex Irregular
Min Board size 5mm*5mm
Max Board size 1500mm*1500mm
Min Tracing/Spacing 0.1mm
Board thickness 0.3mm-5.0mm
Copper thickness 1oz-10oz
Dimensional tolerance ±0.15mm(Die blank); +-0.10mm(CNC)
V-CUT tolerance ±0.1mm
Hole tolerance ±0.076mm


PCB is mainly used in automotive electronics, industrial control power supply, IT communication, medical equipment, etc., and is committed to becoming the best quality value-added service solution provider for small and medium batches and allegro production.


Layers       m²           Deliverability        m²           Deliverability    
2L <1m² 5 days <3m² 5 days
4L <1m² 6 days <3m² 7 days
6L <1m² 8 days <3m² 9 days
8L <1m² 8 days <3m² 9 days