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FASTPCB has prototype PCB,PCB Production fabrication and pcb assembly capabilities.

6oz Heavy Copper PCB

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***PCB services:

1) PCB Design,made by your provided schematics.

2)PCB fabrication 1-30 layer rigid,1-8 layer flexible,1-18 layer rigid-flex PCB.The material includes standard FR4,High TG FR4,Aluminum,Polyimide,Teflon,Isola,Halogen free and so on.

***PCBA assembly services

1) From prototype to high quantity production,Lead-free assembly

2) Components ranges from 01005,0201,QFN,BGA to through holes(DIP)

3) Stencil SMT Stencil; laser stencil;

4) Fixture SMT fixture; DIP wave soldering fixture

***Coponent souring

1) Components are purchased from digikey,mouser…for prototype and reliable distributors for large quantities.All IC chips,transistors,crystals…are new and original.The quality of all components can be assured after 10 years experience.

2) We have fine IQC machines to do incoming inspection on the components.Measure their Value and check the character in the component surface and do visual inspection for the outlook etc.

3) Componet storage All the components are stored in a permanent temperature& humidity condition.IC are kept in IC moistureproof cabinet.


Hex file and bin files are available for IC programming work.Fuctional testing can be proceeded after receiving detailed testing instruction and documents.

production Capability:

China Customized 6oz Heavy Copper PCB Board Supplier